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    My life changed on September 1, 1999

That was the day I fell while taking a break at work.  I walked over a small pebble and fell backwards.

I wanted to protect my knees. .silly me.  With my left arm straight behind me I fell backwards first on my left hand, pushing my shoulders inward and came crashing down on the hard pavement.

All I remember is the impact the cement parking lot had on my shoulders and the bang I felt as my head hit very hard.

A pain, like a 'charley horse' radiated from my groin to my toes.  I thought it was a spasm. Waited until the cramping subsided.

The one I was walking with, helped me to my feet. I couldn't take a step or the pain would radiate again. I stood motionless, dazed.  Everything was ' unreal' I just functioned very calmly.

An onlooker brought me a metal folding chair, I sat down and waited for my friend to get the car to drive me back to work.

I couldn't move without pain.  It was decided to get an ambulance.               continued on page 2
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