This tragedy altered the course of my life.  My eyes were glued to the TV.  I cried,  and cried.  Everything was shattered, my life, the world, as we knew it, and suddenly it all came crashing down.

People were reaching out for something stable to grasp and have confidence in.

I too reached out.  I knew God's Word and his promises to mankind.  This earth would endure forever.  He would distroy those who ruin the earth.  Soon the time would come, when war would be no more.

I returned to where my hope was taught.  I had drifted away from the True God, now I yearned to have Him accept me back.

My brain injury made it difficult to articulate the hope I felt within my heart.  My love for people, made me want to reach out to comfort them.  I couldn't.  I needed support and help to know what to say.
This is my story
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