Remember Me
Each step I take, is a step towards my future.  I leave behind my past. Change is constant...seen around me.

Is there sadness seen in crumbled, dried leaves fallen from a tree?  The awakening of a fall day...or is it a sign of continues, seasons change.
People walk, but they don't see..listen, without hearing.  Totally immersed in their own cares..mind racing with loud thoughts & problem solving.

In the quiet of the silence..bursting with activity..sounds of birds, fly past my view.  Cricket murmuring in a nearby bush, leaves crackling under my feet..sun rays heating up my flesh.
Cycle of life in constant change.  Never immobilized with fear or worry.

Trees turn multi-colored hues of autumn.  Soon standing proud and naked, baring bare branches.  Awaiting the cycle of spring, when green leaves appear to gently clothe them in summer dress.
No man will hold my life in his hand. My spirit transcends human limitations and restrictions. Like the rest of creation..a loving Creator endowed me..eternity as my hope.

My choice is to accept his invitation & live forever.
I want to be loved.  My spirit dwells within the secret parts of me.  It yearns for a companion to share the expressions of beauty about to burst within me.
To physically touch one flesh to another..See in each others eyes, the reflection of hope & promise. Hand in hand we pace our steps.  The path of constant change...journey, leading to everlasting life. Where are you?  My companion for life.  I want you to hear my plea & make yourself known.Let's take this journey together...Hand in hand.  I'll hold you up, encourage you, be your supporter.  Insisting on you progress & growth to receive God's approval.
And dear one.  Be to me a strength & comfort...Please appear.
copyright© 2004-2013 Barbara Joan Gushin all rights reserved
           "I wandered by a Brookside" Vocal: Eva Cassidy
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Romans 1:20,21
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