My Father at KCOP TV
Irving Gushin was head of the Film Department at  Channel 13 KCOP TV in Hollywood California.
The sorrow from the loss of my only parent that loved me, lasts a lifetime. The remembrance of his hopes and dreams, brings sadness to my heart.   He had a beautiful voice.  When I was young, he use to sing to me.  He was creative and loved the arts.  We spend many a day talking about what  what was of value to us.  My mom thought it was foolishness.  I learned about dreams that he had that never came to pass. His unique talent became buried in the sea of self doubt and low self esteem.  I always remembered his gift of song, and so did my son, Daryl.  
Irving Gushin
        To the memory of my father
April 24, 1919 - December 1, 1980
           Died at the age of 61
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In one of the videos, some might recognize the actor, Robert Alda by the pool.
Autograph Book I received from my father
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