My journey, archives of my past
Identity is the totality of our life's experience.  How our brain's neurons processes our relationship to the world and each other.

What we are never changes, who we are never stops changing.

The following pages are a part of "me".  It is the experiences of my past that has shaped me to become what I am today.

This is who I am, and how I became that woman.

I searched for God, became aware of his presence through naturism.  Appreciated his creation, and desired to know more about this wonderful creator of all beauty.

It wasn't enough to enjoy "nature", I needed answers to questions.  Why do we grow old, and die?

Why is there wars, violence and so many tears shed.....when will it all end?

For you who has seen my current expressions, you know I have grown and changed.

Embrace with understanding, my journey.
To Be Real
I Dream
I'm Naked Before You
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