So many of us live our lives behind a "mask". Who are we? How do others see us? What flaws do we bury about ourselves in the hope others won't see it.
"I want to be accepted, loved, wanted", is the cry coming from our heart. But are we?? What do you do to assure acceptance?

What Mask Do You Hide Behind?

What mask do you hide behind? For many it is in the form of a personality. Are you known as "the clown". Do you attempt to make people laugh to hide the tears, or to run away from a situation that is overwhelming you? Maybe you challenge your friends who are trying to get close to you, by being an "aloof". Are you afraid, if they discovered the "real you" they would go away? How do others see you? Are you identified by becoming a subject that consumes your very being? Always talking about politics, consumed with "keeping up with the news?" All your waking hours are thoughts about "news" ? Does your friends have to hush when Rush speaks?

To some, their mask of choice is clothing. Are you a woman who dresses "sexy"? Does it give you confidence, or approval, to know you have power and control over another's feelings? Are you overweight and hide behind clothes to camouflage your obesity. After your shower, do you avoid seeing your naked body in the mirror? Run to your closet to cover up the "ugliness"? Is clothing your "crutch, your "mask"?

Fear of removing the "mask".

We all want to believe that we are ok. Everyone wants to be accepted. The fear of rejection makes all of us avoid situations that threaten our security. That "mask" is always present. We must accept and admit to ourselves that we want to be loved, and wanted. There is no shame to want to be loved. We all do.

The desire to be free

It is the desire of everyone to live their life without the "mask". As long as we must use the mask to hide behind, it is a silent statement that we are NOT ok. The fear of rejection or lack of love is always present. Ah.. how tempted we are to entertain the thought of complete acceptance. To dream of freedom to be real.
An experience of freedom

The journey to freedom

The journey is part of being alive. The path we take determines our rate of growth. There is no wrong steps. Every step we take leads to growth and change. I want to become your friend. Please feel comfortable to write to me. Share with me your journey. No man is alone, we support one another, the Universe is one.
We wear a "mask" to hide who we are
What "colours do you paint yourself to be?
Do you laugh to hide the tears?
Who are you...really?
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