Love is all around..and so we think. Music is about love, movies on romance. An admiring glance, the aroma of a sweet scent..the touch..the feel. What we crave is approval, someone to always be there..never go away.
A love that is real
To receive love, we need to believe we deserve it. We need to feel we are lovable...worth it, of value. In other words, we must love ourselves, first.

What is there to "love"?
We want to be sure that one would love us. So we begin to become critical of ourselves. Like pulling weeds out of a garden, we pull away from ourselves the flaws, the weaknesses and the ugliness of our being. Sometimes the task makes us weary and we feel defeat.

We hide the "unaceptable".
We begin to separate from parts of ourselves that deserve rejection..this illusion, becomes our reality. It becomes our "shame", the darkness from within. We become fragmented. "So what part of me do you love? " We question our right to be it for real? We are never loved completely, for a part of us is always hidden.

We live with the "mask"
The more intense our wanting approval and acceptance, the harder we try to put on the "mask". More becomes fragmented..torn away from our being. We develop a charming personality, get a beauty treatment, buy attractive clothes. Whatever it takes to distract from the part of us...."you must not see".

What had no "mask" ?
What if...the mask was thrown away? How would you feel if you presented the "dark" side you always hid from view. How would you feel if that part of you..was accepted? Would you then believe you were truly loved?

Freedom to be real.....remove the "mask".

To be truly free, you must remove the mask, for with it harbors the fear of disapproval, the doubts that you are not really accepted and, the feeling of love being only temporary waiting for the darkness to destroy what you have.

This mask is a destructive energy, it has drained you and consumed your time and your life. Now is the time to break free..walk into the light of being.

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