Knowledge And Understanding Are The Keys To Wisdom

You are here today to mark another milestone in your lives.  It was said to me that life is like a highway.  It is a long stretch with pebbles and rocks to overcome, with a bridge to pass over.  Each accomplishment is another pebble in the road.  When you come to the toll bridge, can you pay?

Let us change this small story to fit our class motto.  Life is a path that leads to the door of wisdom.  In your twelve years that this event symblizes, you have gradually walked up the path.  Knowledge and understanding helped you progress.  When the time comes when you are face to face with that door, do you have the key to open it?

What did you accomplish?  Today you will receive your diploma.  It should mean something to you.  It is a symbol of a beginning.  Today you are no longer a child but you have the title of "adults".  You are going to be looked up to by the young children, equal to your friends, and hazely accepted by the older generation.  It will be a time to prove you are responsble, a time to work to deserve respect.

Each step you take will be of caution.  Each experience an indication of maturity.  Let high school and all the education past you, be your foundation.  From there build upward. . . .progress.

Now it is up to you.  You have learned to find information, you know authors, and you are familiar with books and schools.  People and their faults are clear to you.  Tolerance and patience to help them, are your gift.  In the world there are many people.  For every intelligent person there is one above him.  The world is an angry lion, and you are mere babes in vast woods.

With the foundation you have built during your past years, let it serve as a guide to the future.  Walk up to the doors to wisdom.  Have the keys which are knowledge and understanding.  For beyond the door is the satisfaction of knowing you accomplished a purpose in life, and you are a better individual.

                                                             Barbara Joan Gushin
                                                                           June 17, 1960
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June 17, 1960
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