The morning light has awakened me from a restful slumber.  The air is scented with the aroma of sweet grass in the meadow.  I squint at the gazing of the sun, as I venture forth to walk among the tall grasses in the field behind my home.

Alone in the silence, I dwell with a peaceful calm.  The day is slow and no activities are planned.
Autumn embraces the season.  Leaves are colorful and changing,  their response to cool nights.  Creation is taking a break from hot summer days.

It is a time to conserve energy, heal from stressful days.  Shed your cares and let it be carried away , along with the breeze and autumn leaves.

I too will shed my "leaves" or cares.  Soon winter will strip bare the trees and naked they will stand in silence.

Like the season, I too will change.  I will wait and heal.  My thoughts turn inward and dwell in the silence of my mind.
Copyright© 2004-2010 Barbara Joan Gushin all rights reserved                          "Fields of Gold" Vocal: Eva Cassidy