It is a blustery day.  The cold wind is blowing, ice is on the ground.  Snowflakes dance through the air.

The door to her home opens slowly. . .out she steps, summer clothes, sandals on her feet.
Goose bumps rise up on her cold flesh.  Teeth begin chattering.  " I feel very cold, "  she sighs to herself as she closes the door behind her.

Feeling only the cold chill, she proceeds down the street.
I took this picture on Dec/2001.  I was riding in a car in Montreal Canada.
Why didn't she " switch gears?" Return through the opened door and dress appropriately?

Her brain gave her only one message. . . " I feel very cold."

For three years, my brain gave me only one message,
" I am hurting."
My story begins
It is time for me to " let Go."  I am now understanding that I have held one thought for all these years. . . . . that of hurting.  I have been like a hamster in an exercise wheel.  Round and round, never going anywhere.  It is now time to GET OFF

My journey has not ended.  Now you know what I have had to deal with, my hurt, my pain and my challenges.  I am much improved.  I am developing my brain to function.  In some ways I am better than I was before.  I "see" people in ways I didn't before.  I observe more, listen more and yes, this has made me more understanding.

This next page is my last.  It tells you what event lead me to 'turn around' and get back on the road to hope and a future.  It was a time of national tragedy, a traumatic event to everyone, even me.  To me it was a 'wake-up' call.  Through that time, I took steps to return to a time in my life that brought me the greatest happiness.

I guess you can say, I am ok.  I am healing my body and now I am healing my heart.  I have returned to being a part of a worldwide brotherhood of loving friends.  Of reaching out to others and to teach them about the promises and the hope we have for a better future.  I am sharing with others what I have learned and believe that the Bible teaches.

Yes. . . I have returned to Jehovah.                                                                                                                                                                                        
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Pictures I took of my friends in Montreal, Dec./2001
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