I was so happy that my hip had healed.  It took what seemed like, "forever".

I always loved to dance.  Took modern dance all throughout High School.

I can walk without  limp!   My second operation was on January 28, 2000.  I had the hardware (nails removed).
What came next was unexpected and  traumatizing.   I was on the dance floor, doing the cha- cha.   Two steps front, then back, to the right and then to the left.   I became very spacey.   My body felt like I just got off a merry- go -round, and didn't know which direction to go, crowds and activity was overwhelming me.

I was very detached from what was real, and I felt like an observer in a dream.  My actions froze and I was stunned.   My dance partner, took me by the hand and had to lead me to my seat.
I seem 'lost', in large groups of people.  I have discovered there is too much going on around me.  My brain  'freezes,' like I am a little deer, caught by a car's headlights.

Meeting people,  I forget not only their names, but that I ever met them !
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I attempted to leave my apartment, after being 'held captive' for three years.  Well, I did get out, sometimes, but not much.   This time I experienced what it is like being with my friends.

Eating in resturants, now that I walk normal, like everybody else, still remains a challenge.  Too much is going on at the table.  It is called, multi-tasking.  You first have to find a seat,  look at the menu,  speak to your friend on your right,  then the one seated across from you, then to the left, now the waiter is asking you what you want to eat.

Again I experience becoming 'spacey'.  My brain shuts down.   Some people that understand brain injury, call it  'flooding'.

Traffic on busy streets. . well....need I say more?
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