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I spent many hours. . . hunched over...leaning on my walker.

Just gazing outside this window.  Sun shining, my beautiful tree that I planted and watched grow. . . ."I'll never walk outside again , or feel the warmth of the sun on my bare skin.  "

I shut everyone out !  In the inside, I felt like a helpless, frightened, little girl.  Who lived her days in pain and a struggle to even do simple tasks.  I felt like I was a robot, a mechanical wind-up stranger to myself.
                                Questions you may be thinking

Have you wondered, why I didn't listen to the suggestion of the surgeon who recommended  that I go to a convalescent hospital?  He tried to tell me that if I went home, there was no one that could take care of me.  Once I got into my apartment I couldn't get out. I had stairs at the entrance.  The back entrance was grassey rolling hills, and unlevel terrain.

  I never told the reason to anyone.  I had a determination that I wasn't going to 'return' to the time I was a little girl. I was left alone when I was only two years old.  So many times, abandoned to shift for myself.  My mother left me to do her shopping or whatever?  You can read a poem about , CLICK HERE.

I loved her, longed for her and she left me alone.  I know she expected me to be a brave, little,  capable 'adult'.  She was my mommy, I must BE capable.  I hated myself  for needing her, wanting her, and on the inside feeling scared.

I continued to hate ME. Now I was determined to undo that 'needing' someone.  I was living my childhood all over again.
A poem for a child neglected
I had a close and dear friend.  I loved him very much.  I believed that I would become a burden, and he would begin to  resent me.  I didn't want to feel a longing for him, or to need him, and he would be gone, or worse, stay & show an angry face.   So I became more determined to do this alone.  I knew what it felt like to hate myself for wanting someone who didn't want me.  My family did that to me and it hurt. I also knew, with disgust, when one stays under "obligation".

I turned down his offer to come to see me every morning before work and fix me breakfast .  I told him I would cope, without him.
This way, I reasoned, I will become strong, after all, I wasn't the little girl, but a capable woman.  " Mommy, I won't make the mistake again and cry inside for wanting you, and acting like I didn't".   This time I would work until my 'outside' matched my "inside" Continued on Page 4
I would go into my kitchen and  make breakfast for myself.  Take the plate, put it on the floor and push it with  my right foot as I supported my weight with my right hand. . pushed it across the floor until I was able to sit down and eat.

I discouraged my only friend from coming over after work.  I understood that it was late, and he would be tired.  I didn't want anyone to have to feel what I was feeling, I barely was coping and I believed he wouldn't either.  I didn't want him in my life, out of obligation.  That would hurt too much, so I gave him his freedom. Page 4
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