So many have written to me. Thank you, for caring and giving me your support and encouragement.

It has been nine years.  The trauma of my experience has left me more compassionate and understanding. Patience to allow people to grow at their own pace.

My new friends see me as "normal".  I can tell them that I have a brain injury and they get a surprised expression on their face.

Only I know that I have changed.  My brain fatigues more quickly. I am more quiet, not as energetic as I use to be. On the 'plus' side, I don't intimidate people, or 'outshine' them, like in the past.  A good thing. . . yes ?
Spiritual Portal
Trip to Las Vegas
I enjoy the beach and  snow covered mountains.

Made many new friends, and attended conventions in San Francisco, and Long Beach California.

Went on a tour of the Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas, with a J.W. Group.

I  have a little dog, named "Reggie", my two cats, and three finches.
Video of Reggie Traveling with me
Video of my birds
video of Kallie
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September 30, 2008