Josh Groban is a young man with a remarkable voice.  It is my wish that you listen to his songs.....
                      Feel the music, touch your heart.
This DVD is from his first TV Concert. It is "Great Performances" on PBS. I was there, in October, for the taping.  The visual effects are a first to be seen on a PBS special. This DVD is history in the making...A super "Josh Experience" The guest stars are John Williams, Angie Stone,  Lili Haydn & Andrea Coor. For the people that are not acquainted with pop classical, now is the time to experience it. How refreshing to listen to music that speaks to the heart, and lets it soar.
The DVD outtakes are also a never before seen experience. How this young man can unite people from all different states and countries, to meet together in love and togetherness. Age also was no barrier. Mothers sitting alongside with their children, people young and old, appreciating the common link that bonds us all..feelings in the heart.
If you never buy another DVD, you owe it to yourself to get the chance to expand your horizons, find the light behind the clouds, lift your heads in joy, raise your arms in freedom, sing out..grow..change..the Josh experience, is NOW
Me and my son, Daryl
These pictures was taken in line, outside the Pasadena Civic Auditorium.  We were waiting to get in to the concert.  I am seen here with my son, Daryl.  Notice we are wearing our name tags around our necks.              ( It was taped in two days)
Pasadina Civic Auditorium
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We stayed at the Marriott Courtyard in Pasadina
We stayed at the Marriott Courtyard, in Pasadina.
We all met at our "Josh Fest", for breakfast.
The poster was signed by us all, for our special invitation, we give thanks.
Thank you, KERA in Fort Worth Texas.  These pictures were seen on KERA TV  on December 1, 2002. Support your local PBS station.  It is by your contrabutions that shows like this special can be shown.
Second day of taping
First day of taping
Second day of taping
Chris Groban
Chris Groban, Josh's brother.  Took pictures of us as we waited to get into the concert.
Lindy Groban
Lindy Groban

Jack Groban

Mom  Dad

Jack Groban
Chris Groban and my son Daryl
My son, Daryl with Chris
Thank you NBC for broadcasting the Rockerfeller Center Tree Lighting, with Josh Groban.
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This part was taped on day two.
Here I am, enjoying the concert.
Josh with Sissel
Josh presents award, pictures, click here
 Pictures with Sissel
Josh was a presenter
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              JOSH GROBAN ON PBS
               " Great Performances" 
"Josh Groban  in Concert,"  premiered on November 23, 2002.

  The DVD has the concert  plus backstage  coverage.  See all the preparation that    went into the taping

Josh Groban
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"Smile" Video