She is a Winner

Her hair slicked back over her ears, graced with soft ringlets on her forehead.  A Cautious smile rarely shown, not because she is unfriendly but unsure of herself and her surroundings.  Drop earrings in motion as she bobbed her head side to side.  Inside her soul was a personality determined  and yearning to break free, to shrug her shoulders at adversity and plunge ahead. To laugh impulsively or to skip down the street like a child.

Her soul remains in the prison of her body_ reserved, stifled.  She appears always strict, having no sense of humor, or daring to change.  Her days have a remarkable sameness, a predictable routine.  Her inward self prefers variety, to be excited at nature,
to breathe deeply the sweet aroma of flowers filling the air, or to ponder in awe at snow glistening on tree branches, she prefers to get complete fulfillment in life.  To be satisfied at the free things in life.  To want nothing.

She is a writer, full of expression, like a painter with a palate in hand, her soul cries out for expression  a desire to be free.  She wants to strut in the shopping mall, walk as to demand attention.  Like a model, she wants to not be ordinary but outstanding.  Not to be classified as the "run of the mill" housewife, but a "somebody" for she admires "class".  Her eyes made up, lips pouting, soft with color, shoulders back, as she walks, the memory of a childhood saying haunts her__"head up, chest out and the hell with the world.
                                         I wrote that on January 5, 1985
copyright © 2006-2013 Barbara Joan Gushin all rights reserved
      "I wish I was a single girl again" Vocal: Eva Cassidy